The trouble with computers, is that it's very easy to spend all the time looking at a screen and not notice all the things going on around you: the grass, the trees, the creeper behind you. Monitors help in their own way, but there's only so much you can hope to achieve by punching a screen. Thankfully we have a solution: the keyboard. Simply bind it to any computer, and type away wherever you are. Enjoy the luxury of the big screen!

The keyboard being used with a monitor.

Using with computers

Getting started with a keyboard couldn’t be easier: simply walk up to the computer you want to type at and shift + right-click it whilst holding the keyboard. You’ll notice that the keyboard now reports where it is bound to:

A keyboard bound to a computer.

One can now use the keyboard anywhere in the world to type at this computer: simply right click it and tap away! Once you have finished typing, press escape to resume normal play.

Using with the neural interface

While the neural interface is a fantastic piece of technology, it is rather frustrating having to dig out your neural connector every time you want to use it. Thankfully this is no longer the case: you only have to dig out a keyboard instead! As long as your keyboard is not bound to any computer, using it whilst wearing a neural interface will type on your headpiece instead.

An alternative location for the keyboard is in a module slot of a neural interface. Doing so will mean key presses are continually relayed to the interface, even when not in in the keyboard’s GUI. This allows you to add your own keybindings, triggering all sorts of actions.

An additional ability gained by using the keyboard in conjunction with the overlay glasses. It gains the ability to capture mouse interactions, firing events when clicking, dragging or scrolling. Each event (glasses_click, glasses_up, glasses_scroll, and glasses_drag) give values similar to their mouse counterparts, though the mouse positions are relative to the glasses’ coordinate system.