Kinetic augment

The kinetic augment is the latest breakthrough in biocybernetics. It grants a computer direct access to the nervous system of a player or mob.

Module: plethora:kinetic (view methods)
Usable in:
  • Minecart computer
  • Neural interface
  • Pocket computer
  • Turtle

Basic usage

While the kinetic augment has a wide range of functions, the best place to start is the most fun: .launch(). This functions very similarly to a laser’s .fire() method: taking a yaw and pitch (horizontal and vertical angle) and a power. When called, this will catapult the current entity in the supplied direction, the resulting velocity depending on the provided power.

local kinetic = peripheral.wrap(--[[ whatever ]])

-- Continuously fire the player into the sky
while true do
	kinetic.launch(0, -90, 4)

Combined with other modules, the kinetic augment can be used in great number of ways. One can fire yourself in the direction you’re currently looking, slow your descent if you’re falling to fast, etc… Take a look at some of the examples to get some ideas.

With turtles

Kinetic augments can also be used as a turtle upgrade. When equipped, it acts as both a tool and peripheral. turtle.dig() or turtle.attack() will use the currently selected item in the inventory to break blocks or attack.

Beware, turtles do not use these tools with their normal finesse. Durability will be consumed, and blocks may take multiple swings to break.

Other functionality

If you’re a low-tech kind of person, you can always experience the joys of .launch() by hand. First, hold carefully grip the kinetic augment with either hand. Then charge it up by holding right click, feeling the raw power accumulate in your muscles. Finally release, and enjoy the feel of the wind rushing in your hair and the rapidly approaching brick wall.


The kinetic augment can be configured with the kinetic section of the plethora.cfg file.

  • launchMax=4: The maximum power that can be used to launch an entity.

  • launchCost=4: The cost per power level to launch an entity. By default a computer will gain 10 energy points each tick (read about the cost system for more information).

  • launchYScale=0.5: The amount the y velocity is scaled when launching an entity. The Y axis does not experience friction in the same way other axis do, and so small changes in veloctity have a marge larger effect.

  • launchElytraScale=0.4: The amount a player’s velocity is scaled by if they are using an elytra. When flying a player experiences much less friction, meaning small velocity increases can send the player a long distance.

  • launchFallReset=true: Whether to scale the fall distance if a player launches themselves. Minecraft computes fall damage from how long a player has been in the air rather than what speed they are travelling at. Consequently you can be falling very slowly but still die. If a player launches themselves upwards Plethora will correct the fall distance to account for the change in velocity.

    Note that this may not function correctly with wolds with custom gravity, such as Galacticraft planets.

  • launchFloatReset=true: Whether to reset the “floating” time after launching. This allows players to fly with the kinetic augment without being kicked.

Note: This is not an exhaustive list of configuration options for the kinetic augment - this only includes ones which require further explaination. Please consult the config file for a full list.